Friday, December 11, 2009

Lancaster City

Join me and my girls for another tour.
(I enjoy making little dolls. )
Check out the "Brooklyn" gum that my daughter
found and gave to me from New York! Cool

This time we are going to Lancaster City! yeah!

Last week, me and my quilting buddies Lee and Kathi

took a trip to the

Lancaster Quilt & Textile Museum.

A view of the city from the second floor.

I have a thing for church steeples.

This building was formally a bank that

was owned by The Lancaster Trust

Company. After looking at the Espirit

Collection and the Navajo Weaving Exhibition (just gorgeous!).....

I was studying the architecture of the building

I just loved the domed ceiling and that beautiful window!

You can view the quilt collection HERE

Click on panoramic video

You might have to download the Plugin and restart

your computer. It's worth it! And you won't be disappointed.

You can also view "Christmas through the Decades"

After viewing the quilts we had a delicious lunch of

grilled cheese and soup at the

Treats Creamery & Cafe.
What a fun day!

On our way out of the city ..............

Marriott Lancaster at Penn Square the former Watt & Shand Building

This is the building where the new Quilt

Show will be in March! The Lancaster show for the last 22 yrs. has been in the Lancaster Host Resort but now will be at the Marriot in Lancaster City, March 24-27 2010 at the Lancaster County Convention Center.

Rita Barber the producer of the Quilter's Heritage Celebration is retiring. Rita has put on some great shows and we will miss her!

Our new Producers will be the

American Quilter's Society.

We have a local Quilt Artist in the area -

Sue Reno

Sue does just fabulous art quilts and has made
several of the Watt & Shand building - please
visit her blog to see her work- it's absolutely amazing!

On the way home I took this photo of

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church

I love the structure of this old church and the steeple!

If you love stained glass windows as much as I do;
check out the above web site and click on
"Windows of Grace".

Look who is sitting out side my front window. I love to

see Cardinals when it's snowing. Their red color

against the white snow is so striking. (all the snow we

had melted - yeah! It's pretty to look at but not to

shovel it. It was freezing cold out today and windy

I'm not a winter person ~~~ Is it spring yet?)

Making Journal Covers for Christmas presents.

They are in various stages - I better hurry up and finish them!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lititz, Pa.

Oh my gosh, a couple of weeks and it
will be Christmas already! Lots of
shopping to be done yet. So last week
I went to Lititz and did some shopping.
I love coming here. See the traffic and
the houses are close together. It reminds
me of Queens, N.Y. (where I was born)
I feel right at home here.

Wilbur Chocolate Factory is one of the most
popular tourists places (and for locals too!) I love to
buy the chocolate wafers and make my own concoctions.
I'll try to do a blog about making some easy noshes for
Christmas. Chocolate dipped marshmallows and pretzels.
No wonder I can't lose weight!
Here's a shop up the street from Wilbur's; it's called
The Savory Gourmet.
Read the sign -
Look at what one of the owners did to the statue of David(?)
I thought that was so cute! The bow is in an appropriate spot!
(I met the owner in one of the shops and asked
permission to use the photos for my blog and she said "sure".)
Here's The The Broad Street Bazaar The owner is
Shelley and I asked her if I may take some photos for
my blog. (permission granted) This is where I sell my stuff.
Wait until you see the fun stuff in here! Everything
in this shop is handmade from local artisans.
Where to begin? Let's start with the photos. See the
photos on the red chair?
I love this photographer's
idea - each photo looks like a letter of the alphabet
and spells a word. See the word FAITH? Love it!

(on top) Under it is the word LOVE.

Up on the wall is a woman who does hand crochet.
See that brown vest in the middle - I have my eye
on that - it's just my style!

On the opposite side of the photo on the blue chair;
is my friend Kathi's baby quilt. She has a couple of
these little beauties around the shop.

I'll tell ya - this shop is packed with goodies. I did
some of my Christmas shopping here but can't show
you what I bought... my daughter reads my blog. (-:

Lots of beautiful jewelry, handbags, purses and hand
made cards, etc.

My Rocking Horse

Look at all these adorable dresses! Oh, there's one
of my hand dyed handbags hanging on the wall.
And to the left side is my friend Kathi's grocery
bag. (orange one)

Update: This store has since closed

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More Friendship Stars + Art quilt

This is my second Fabric Paper art piece. The fabric
paper is the tree trunk and leaves. The blue
background fabric is my hand dyed using Dylon
Dyes and the one under that is my shibori piece
using set-a-color paints. It still has to be worked
on with free motion and decorative stitches.

Here are two more of the Friendship Stars
that I did (see side bar for Block Party)

This is is more traditional with the four patch in each
corner. I'm not happy with the way it turned out;
mainly because the blue is too dark - to me anyway.

I chose red, white and blue for this block to honor
our Soldiers. The corners are intuitively pieced.
I like how this one turned out it looks happy.

I can't wait to try the next one that Block Party has up
- it's a variation of the Friendship Star and a little wonky.