Monday, April 6, 2009

Improvisational Quilts 4

Spring is finally here and I have a list of
things "to do". So much so that I don't
know where to begin. I started to clean
out my sewing room (for the umpteenth)
time and decided to use up the scraps that
I have left over from the "Zig Zag" quilt.
It wasn't enough - so I pulled out some
fabric from my stash.

I recently became of fan of Nancy Crow. In reading
her Artists statement "When I work on a quilt, I put
away all thoughts that are not helpful and channel
my energies towards relaxing and becoming one
with my fabrics."
This has become my "Mantra".

The black and white Zebra print is kinda bold but
I thought that if I had not added it - it would not
have made a "statement"! What I mean by that
is, the other colors blended too well together
and were getting lost in each other. (hope that
makes sense)

I also used the yellow with the black and white - I love
the way the yellow brightens up the areas.
So far this is my favorite of the improvisational quilts
that I've done. It has the three B's .... Big, Bold and Bright!

Now I have left over scraps from this quilt...