Friday, June 24, 2016

Dyeing Naturally - Hibiscus Part 2

In my previous post; I talked about 

Natural dyeing with Hibiscus flowers.

The results that I found after doing  a

google search; always shows the results

as pink color.

This is my second attempt.

I soaked my fabric in distilled water

and alum.   Did a quick Tie dye method

of wrapping the fabric and put it into

the pretty dark pink dye water ( after

extracting the dye from dried hibiscus


I just heated the dye water and left

the fabric in over night.

 This is what it looked like in the morning.

(I took the photo on my deck; so the bright

spots are from the sun)

It's a very pretty pink!  

Dried and Ironed it.

Filled the sink with distilled water.....

gone is the pink and it's back to the grey again.

It's just not working.

If anyone knows of a way to retain the pink

color after washing - please let me know.

Otherwise, my conclusion is that hibscuis

flowers does not make a pretty pink but a