Friday, June 7, 2013

This n That

The weather has been crazy...

hasn't it? First hot then cold.

Now it's raining and I can tell

that my garden is very happy!

Last week I added some plants

to my border along the walk.

I just noticed that big weed!

I used to have lavender plants along

here which I loved but I had to pull

them out as they were all woody. I 

decided to divide my hosta and they

are doing very well. 

I was racing to get it all done before

I had to have my surgery. I had Surgery

and have to take it easy for awhile. 

That went well but afterward -

the  anesthesia  made me very sick!

Anyway, Thank God that's over and I'm

very happy that the roses are in full


They are so beautiful and hopefully

they will be blooming all summer.

Meanwhile, I have to relax for awhile,

no heavy lifting, etc.

So, I have my handquilting to keep

me busy and also as I am an big

Historical Fiction fan I found a new

author (for me). 

 I have read about Mary Stuart - Mary I

of Scotland in other novels but this

book is devoted just to her. So far, I

have found that she is the complete 

opposite of her cousin Queen Elizabeth.

It's a thick book - 870 pages! It will

take me awhile but I'm enjoying Margaret

George's writing.

Have a Great Week!