Monday, August 10, 2015

I have written before about a couple of the farms in

my area that were sold and the buildings and

barns being torn down to make way for housing.

It breaks my heart every time that I see it.

This was the back of the farm where I spotted the


The road is now closed that passed the farm but

the cross road is now opened after 2 months of

doing what ever they're doing.

This is what it looks like now

The old road is on the left side and the new curved

road is on the right side. I find it interesting to watch

the progress of each stage. 

Now I'm wondering - do they have to move all of those

telephone poles to the new road? Only time will tell

or we lose our electric ugh!

The landscape is changing dramatically. 


I have been dyeing more shibori fabric which

I feel more passionately each time I make a 

new piece.

Blue and Violet - soothing colors and lines.

This piece was over dyed (dyed twice) using Arashi Shibori

(pole wrapped) technique resulting in the beautiful 

colors that you see.

Colors - Mustard Yellows, Shades of green and an Indigo Blue color

The fun part is experimenting with colors and the 

size of the lines.

Have a great week!


Make something beautiful!