Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Star Wars Quilt Progress

Still working on the Star Wars quilt.

I had taken down my design wall to

clean the sewing room. It's not

very large anyway and I might have

to re-do it. I covered it with

batting and there was lots and lots 

of tiny pieces of thread stuck

to it. It drove me nuts!

So, the bed in my spare room is 

the design wall for now.

R2D2 is put together (over 500 1" squares)

and I was debating whether to put an extra

row of white around his block. I was really 

stressing about this!

 I thought it would be too much white 

around all of the dark fabrics. I realized that 

I don't really work with a lot of dark fabrics; 

I'm used to a lot of mediums to light.

I don't like working on the dark side (-; 

I couldn't resist.

Along with the printed Star Wars fabrics 

comes this mint green and pale blue - personally,

I don't think it blends well with the backgrounds 

of the other fabrics. But I have to work with it 

cause that's what DD wants.

Then I got this brainstorm to make blocks to 

go with R2D2....

I think it's going to work.

I like this idea but now I have to make 16 

of them - consisting of 36 - 1" squares !

wish me luck!

Happy quilting!