Friday, October 9, 2009

Quilt Festival - Fall 2009

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to join in and to visit all of the
participants. Oh man this is so
much fun ... I just love it!
Thank you Amy!

My favorite quilt always seems to be
the one that I'm working on at the

I picked up a copy of "Baby Quilts" by
Fons & Porter mainly because of the
quilt on the cover which was teddy
bears. The cutest little things.
My intention was to make that quilt.

But when I reached pg. 64 I just
feel in love with "Training Wheels".
Something about the pattern just
intrigued me. It reminded me of
an old pattern "wagon wheels".

As I'm studying the pattern; I suddenly
got the urge to hand piece it. It was just
like it "wanted" to be put together by hand.
(by that I mean hand sewn)
I'm thinking that it's a lot of work and
cutting out (mostly with scissors and
not the rotary cutter) I only did that
once before....and I thought "why not!"

My computer was in the process of being
repaired - by the time they order the parts..
etc. (well it took a month!) The time I
would spend on the computer; I could
sew this quilt together. And I did!

In the magazine there are templates that
I traced on plastic - I also marked for the seam
allowance. The center circle is appliqued on -
I used Karen Kay Buckley's circles.

I was undecided on what fabric I would
use until I went to Joann's store and
found some by Heidi Grace. I just
fell in love with the "little birds"!
What I bought matched some of the
fabrics that I had in my stash.

As I don't do scrap booking; I didn't know
who Heidi Grace was until I looked her
up. You can see some of her quilt fabric

Here's is my other quilt from the
first Online Quilt Festival


  1. Lin, that was amazing you hand pieced this quilt! Well done, I love the colors - Hugs Nat

  2. Sweet, but with a lot of personality...I love it!

  3. What a great quilt. And congrats on doing it all by hand. It is really very sweet.

  4. Wonderful job Lin. Isn't it amazing how much time we can spend on the computer.

  5. Wow.. What a quilt to hand piece. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. looks like a lot of hard work in this quilt! Ive been eyeing Heidi Grace at JoAnns...looks lovely in your quilt.

  7. I can see why you fell for that quilt pattern -- it's awesome. What a pretty quilt!

  8. Oh WOW....I want to be a quilter like you when I grow up!!! Love the and the fact that you hand pieced it!! I'm very impressed! What a special treasure!!!

  9. What a weet quilt for a baby. I love the pattern and th ecolors you chose.

  10. A beautiful qui The efoort was amazing, but well worth

  11. Your quilt is beautiful! I'm so impressed that you did it by hand.

  12. wow, good for you to handpiece a quilt. i don't think that i would have the patience to do it! Very lovely.

  13. I admire you letting the quilt and fabric speak to you...and that you hand pieced this beauty! i love the pattern. Thanks for sharing.


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