Monday, March 16, 2009


This past week I took a class from my Guild ~
The Red Rose Quilters Guild with Ellie Levie
It was a new technique for me and thought it would
be fun to try. The above picture is all of our blocks
put together. My part in the process was to
applique the rose and the leaves in the center.
I draped some red tulle over it in order
for the free motion quilting to go easier. Then another
Guild member will add on the borders and yet another
one will finish the entire quilt.

The strips were cut 1" and 1 1/4". We also added
ribbons, rick rack, braiding and some lace for
different textures.

The first thing that we did was lay down and pin the vertical strips.

Then we added the horizontal strips. There are
technical terms for this process but I can't
remember them now. ( senior moment)

The blocks were worked as light, medium and darks.

We did audition a couple of different color
backgrounds but we decided the black looked
best. It really brings out the colors. We decided
to add a focal point - the red rose - for Lancaster
County - of course!
The wheels are turning in my mind for different
quilt projects that I can use this technique.
This quilt when finished will be donated to
an organization - who? - we haven't decided that


  1. I look forward to seeing the finished quilt. Was it warp and weft you were looking for? Your rose is very realistic.I originate from the county of lancashire over here. It also has the red rose as it's emblem.
    My ancestors all worked in the cotton mills. I notice from researching the family history that a lot of mill workers moved to America presumably to work in mills over there.

  2. That quilt is absolutely beautiful. Are all the strips raw edged?

  3. Yes Carol it was warp and weft! Thanks!
    I will post a photo once the quilt
    is finished.
    I don't think we have too many
    mills left in the U.S. Sad thing.
    The name of my guild is - I design
    and post the web pages. You can
    go and have a look to see what else
    we do.
    Yes Mimi the strips are raw
    edged and then we used fusible
    web to hold them down. It's a
    really fun project.

  4. This turned out just beautiful and it looks like fun.

  5. Thank You Serena! I will update
    the photos when the quilt is finished.


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