Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Color me Blue

Misty's Blue

While doing the blue portrait; I realized
that I don't have much of the color blue
in my home. I do have a tweed blue carpet
in my bedroom but the walls are white.

When I first moved into my Pa. home; I
did paint my sewing room a light blue.
After a year I had to change the color
because I noticed that it affected me.
It made me feel gloomy.
Also because my room faces north and I
don't get direct sunlight in that room.
It's now painted white and I plan on
re-painting it in the spring to a pale
shade of yellow. I'm hoping that it will
make the room more cheery.


  1. Yellow? Careful. Yellow is said to be an anxiety causing colour. While I LOVE yellow, think sunshine, my youngest son's room was yellow when he was a baby and he cried 17 hours a day, never(well hardly)slept, I can't help wondering if it is true. No more yellow rooms in my home.

  2. Really? I never even thought of
    that. I'll have to take that into
    Thanks! Lin


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