Monday, April 15, 2013

More on Big Stitch quilting

I just finished another project 
using Big Stitch quilting.

It can change the look of a 
piece and give it more texture.

For example....

 I really love this Moda red and white
fabric and the faux Redwork.
I added some decorative stitches but
it still looked too plain and boring
to me.

So I decided to try adding some 
Big stitch quilting to it.


 It changed the look completely!
It's now more interesting, has texture
and more pleasing to look at.
I also added some french knots.
And also stitched around the flower
and leaves. 

I mentioned in another post about
using Aunt Lydia's crochet thread
size 10. It looked nice but it's
hard to go through the fabric -
I could only stitch one stitch at
a time.

I also tried DMC cotton Pearl
size 5 but it too was too thick.

The red (above) DMC no. 8 is much
better. You can take 4 to 5 stitches
at a time. And it's 100% cotton and 

In my area the color choices are 
limited. I only found red, blue,
white and ecru. But I have found
that Joanne's fabric and craft store
on-line had a great variety of colors!

Now that the weather is warming up
a bit; I can sit on my deck and stitch
in the sunshine. Which makes me very

Which reminds me - the other night
while cleaning up the deck; I heard
hundreds of crows. It happens every
fall and spring. They make such a 
racket and it fascinates me to watch
them flying from tree to tree back
in the farmer's field next to
my backyard.
I grew up in the city so I really
enjoy watching this spectacle.

What I don't enjoy is when the farmer
man starts putting down the manure right before planting time! phew! I had just hung
out some of my laundry when he
decided it was time to fertilize
the field! I had to take my laundry
back inside.

Have a great week and happy quilting!



  1. Great idea about the DMC. Also thought about adding big stitches but wasn't sure what size would work. Thank you for the information. Going to try it soon as yours looks beautiful!!

  2. Thank you Pat! I'm getting addicted to it.


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