Friday, January 20, 2012


I love playing with paints -

and was so inspired by Judi's

(Approachable Art)

monoprints - that I had to try it for myself!

I found a step by step video at

by Linda Germain. Excellent!

After watching Linda's video I thought I

did it all correctly - my mold fell apart!

I realized, after going through the trash and

counting the gelatin packets - that I didn't

add enough gelatin. So, I had to make another

trip to the store. This time I made sure I counted

the packets correctly - and it came out great!

This is my first time and I was experimenting

with paints and inks and techniques ----

Setacolor paint - leaves for prints
I also used a paintbrush to lay down the paint

Setacolor paint applied with a brush
I used plastic shelf liner underneath and also
embossed paper towels! Didn't think it would work
but it did!

Setacolor paint applied with a roller.
I cut out paper leaves with freezer paper
and ironed on the fabric as a mask.
I tried making more prints with the paint
that was on the freezer paper after peeling it

Setacolor paints applied with a brush.
I used leaves and some drypoint with
a chop stick - also my hand cut stencil.
(drypoint - making marks in the paint that
you brushed on)

Setacolor paints applied with roller -
plastic shelf lining under and my freezer
paper leaves on top.
I used WAY too much paint but I think I
can save this piece with some black on top.

Too much paint that puddled - but I'm learning!
I really love the paper towel underneath! (to the right)

Next I had this brainstorm-
I had bought those aluminum disposable
cookie sheets that have a design on them and so

I used Tsukineko inks and painted the
cookie sheet with a brush - then with a
dry roller went over the top of the fabric.
I think it came out pretty cool!

I had lots of fun with this project and hopefully
will get better as I learn more about it!

Thanks Judi!!


  1. Oh, wow, no... thank YOU! Your prints are beautiful! I know that it's hard to ignore the blobs and blips that we see and get irritated by, but I promise you, no one else sees them- so wipe them from your concerns!

    You said: "I think I
    can save this piece with some black on top.

    No maybe about it. You're working with acrylics, everything is workable, everything can be saved, added to, changed. Hit it with the black you're thinking about and then come in on top of it with white and I bet you'll like the whole thing a lot better.

    Great prints, great instincts... thanks for posting to my blog, it gave me the chance to come over here and look at all your lovely eye candy!

    1. Thank you Judi for visiting and your encouragement means a lot to me!
      Will probably play more later - I love making a mess.


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