Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Free Motion Fun!

This month from SewCalGal's Free Motion Challenge

Paula Reid!
This is the quilt pattern:

I'm using Sulky Wash Away Stabilizer - you can draw your pattern on top, stitch over it and then just rinse in water water. Fantastic!

 Just pin it on your fabric and
make sure that it's secure. You may
also use a hoop.
But Make sure that you don't get
any water on it before you sew or
have very sweaty hands (-:

 This one was my first try where
I left out the corners.

 This is the one where I used the
Sulky - around the edges I used
a pattern by Leah Day. -
Quilt along #31

I made it a bit too busy but that's
okay - it's practice!

This is from the lesson by Susan of Blue Moon River Blog


 I love the way this one came out and am constantly changing the petals.
The top one is the original and I changed the petals on the bottom one.
I also have a third one (which I didn't photograph) Where I removed
the tiny petal on the bottom right. I'm making a applique pattern out
of this one.


I thought that this one would be fun. After the rose petals fall off and the rose hips are just starting to form.

I've learned a lot this month! Thank you Susan, Paula, Leah,
and SewCalGal!

Do you blog? How do you find the new blogger? I'm still struggling.

Have a Great week!


  1. Love those interpretations of the petals and rose hip buds! Great challenge pieces.

  2. Love what you did with all the patterns!

    1. Thank you Linda - I'm looking forward to making more.

  3. I'd never seen that stabilizer product. Interesting!
    You are really doing well with your FMQ. I admire your willingness to try so many new things with it. Good job!

    1. Sulky has great products Janet! I went to a Sulky lecture quite awhile back and learned a lot. Thank you - I really am enjoying
      the free motion challenge!

  4. Beautiful job....good tips. Thanks.

  5. I used a tear away stablizer on one of my trys. What a mess. Then I used the Sulky Wash Way that you run through your copier also. This worked wonderfully. Your design looks beautiful.

  6. Thank you Sally! I tried the tear away stablizer on the back of the fabric when I'm doing heavy embroidery - that works great. Never tried the Wash away that you run through your printer? I'll have to check that out.

  7. What a great blog! Thanks for sharing with us... Free motion quilting has always seemed so hard to do.. you make it look relatively achievable!
    Sylvie... QQQ team


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