Thursday, February 16, 2012

Free hand Feathers

This month for the Free Motion Challenge
we have Diane Gaudynski!

The Free Motion Challenge is hosted by SewCalGal. This is
not a competition or an on-line class; it's simply for us
participants to sharpen our skills or learn new techniques or just
practice on our own. So, if you are so inclined come on
down and join us!

I have free motioned feathers before but always
by marking them on fabric first. I wanted to try
the free hand feathers as Diane demonstrates.

I don't have to tell you that it's not as easy
as Diane makes it look! Or maybe you already
know that.

I only marked the spine and put the sandwich
under the needle - OMG It's hard!
Even after practicing sketching first - over and
over again.

Anyway here's my first try and I can't believe
that I'm posting it!

(o: It doesn't look too bad this little does it?

Oh okay, here's my first try:

OMG it's horrid!

I'm not one to be discouraged too easily so
I try and try.

Some improvement with practice!



I tried using some variegated thread on my
hand dyed fabric.

Close-up I can really see an improvement.
The hardest part for me is echoing back down
the spine. It makes me feel that I'm going the
wrong way on a one way street.

I'm using hand dyed fabric that didn't turn
out the way that I wanted it. I can see
that my backtracking is still bad!

More practice (it's going to take a lot I can tell)

And finally this is my last piece. I can
definitely see an improvement!

I need much more practice but I love
the look of feathers so I'll go on. Free
hand feathers is very difficult at first
but I'm getting the hang of it.

Thank you Diane! And SewCalGal!


  1. Wow. I think they all look great, but I too can see improvement. That last one is absolutely lovely. Isn't it fun to see how we get better with practice? All part of embedding that design in your memory and you'll be able to easily apply it to any of your quilts in the future.

    Great job.


    1. Yes Practice makes perfect! Thank you again for hosting this challenge!

  2. Your last piece shows your obvious improvement. Keep it up - its wonderful :)

  3. Thank you Joan for the encouragement! Your quilting is gorgeous BTW!

  4. Wow - you should really be inspired with the improvement between the first piece and the last - your feathers are wonderful! Looks really nice on your hand-dyed fabric too.
    Pat in Oregon

    1. Thank you so much Pat! It takes a LOT of practice - doesn't it?

  5. Lots of improvement...mine were horrific!! lol

    1. Mine were horrific too Marjorie! I try to practice a little everyday.


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