Friday, April 8, 2011

I have managed to finish yet another
quilt! My closet is gradually emptying
out and that makes me feel like I'm
actually accomplishing the task that
I set out to do.

This quilt top below; I've blogged about
sometime last year. I had this fabric
for a couple of years (I think).

I had bought two packs of fat quarters and
forgot who the manufactured the fabric.
I know I bought it at The Old Country Store
in Intercourse; so I brought some scraps in
to see if they had more of it. The woman there
told me "oh that's old".
The reason that I wanted more of this fabric
is because I decided that I did want borders
on it. Previously, I didn't.

To me the colors in this quilt top
reminded me of Amy Butler colors.

So, now I'm thinking and thinking of what
to do and decided to go to The Sassy Tassel
in Lititz - they have bolts of her fabric.
I found one that "almost" matched and went
with that.

I took whatever scraps that I had left and
made a small border around. Then took
the Amy Butler fabric and made another
larger border. I wasn't happy with the way
it looked so I thought about making squares
of Amy's fabric and adding it to the center of
the bento-like boxes. Then adding more
scraps around the border. I liked the way
it worked and machine appliqued the squares

Now that it was finished; I gave it to Kim
to longarm.

Can you see the humming bird that she quilted on it!

There are also leaves and flowers but the
humming bird is my favorite!

Kim also quilted my Carpenter Wheel quilt top,
from Mimi and Norma's class.

I'm donating this one to Quilts of Valor.

Look at the stars and swirls that Kim quilted on
this top. Love this pattern and great for QOV!


Don't know which end is up?

Have a great week!


  1. LOVE what you did with your scrap quilt! It's a wonderful quilt. Quilting is perfect.
    Kudos to you for the QOV quilt, it's beautiful in so many ways.
    Silly much fun to watch aren't they?

  2. Hey you.....stop it with all the great quilty projects getting FINISHED over here!!! I made that same promise to myself back in January to get ALL my UFO's done before starting new projects....I'm plugging along but I think you are w-a-y ahead of me!!
    I have NUMEROUS tops that need quilting, but I've yet to send any of them out to a professional...that's great you have someone you know with a quilting machine. My dear hubby tried to talk me into getting one last year but I've not decided yet....LOL....just as slow there with that decision as I am on how to finish my quilts..HA!!
    As always...your projects are lovely!!

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  4. I love it. You are so inspiring!


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