Friday, November 5, 2010

IQF + My photos

I am so happy to report that 2 of my
photos were selected to be in
"The Eye of The Quilter" Exhibit at
the International Quilt Festival in
Houston, Texas!
The subject is "Reflections" -
"Provide a brief statement about how
this image is used in your reflection as a quilter."
The photo must also have a Title.

"Our everyday lives are filled with reflections
of what see, we think, hope, hate, dream, and feel."

Stages of Growth - Leaning how to quilt was
a great excitement for me. Traditional piecing
and appliqueing thrilled me but I wanted more.
To develop my own style, be more intuitive
and to add more of an artistic flair to my quilts.


To me a rainbow is a magical image; the colors
glorious. This scene to me is peaceful, quiet and tranquil.
It's what I need when I'm designing a new quilt -
to hear wht it is saying to me. I want to bring
the magic out in my work.


Thank you to my Quilt and FB friend Beth for the suggestion!


I finally learned how to use "Pages" on Blogger.

On top is list of Pages that You can view of
my WIP - Works in Progress and I'm also
adding "The Process"

for "I Took the Process
Pledge" by Rossie.


  1. Congratulations.......the photos are great.
    ciao ciao

  2. Congratulations on having your quilts accepted at IQF!

    Diana Bracy

  3. Thank Teodo!
    Diana - I wish they were my quilts but they
    were Photos. Thank You


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