Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wonderful Day!

The temperature today was over 50 degrees and "Plenty of Sunshine"!
So I decided to take a ride down to Kitchen Kettle
Village which is in Intercourse. Everyone must have had the
same idea - it was quite busy as if it were summertime.

Not only were there lots of tourists here today but also plenty of
horse n' buggies.

So, as there wasn't a parking space to be found in Kitchen Kettle
Village; I did what any smart woman would do. I made a right
turn into the parking lot of my favorite fabric store - Zooks!

I just love this shop. I can always find something I absolutely
must have.

This is their parking lot. You can always find Amish shoppers

This is what I bought today - Robert Kaufman - Oriental Traditions.
I just love this fabric and I have a pattern for it that I borrowed
from my quilter buddy.

Here's a couple of other shops:

All good things must come to an end - On my way home.


  1. It must be nice having all this close by.Love seeing your pictures. My guild magazine came this morning and there was an ad for a tour in this area but it was over £1000 so I think I will just have to keep looking at the pictures. Thanks for you r comments just now. I was really pleased with it. My father has just been put in a hospice. He has the last stages of cancer and it was really nice to have something to chear me up.
    I am just waiting for my grand children to arrive. Alfie who is 2 was a page boy today and I am having them for the night so that there parents can enjoy the wedding reception Sophie is 10 months old I am not expecting much sleep tonight.

  2. Oh Carol, I feel the same way
    about visiting England! I just
    found out that my father's Grandmother (Minchinton) came
    from Millburn Pond in Somerset.
    (my father's father side of the
    family (Pearsall) can be traced back to
    Warwickshire) So, I have more English blood than I realized!
    Sorry to hear about your dad.
    (will be praying for him)
    Enjoy the Grandkids!


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